Joy Featured Image

Tampa Natural Light photography Dana Nicole Photography

My daughters absolutely love playing with their next door neighbor, who happens to have the coolest toys!  ONe of their favorites is his new motorized Jeep.  Max rolls up to our driveway, opens up the passenger door while still sitting in his driver seat and says “Get In!”  It seriously reminded me of how Arnold Schwarzenneger says it in Terminator 2 “Get in if you want to live…”  OK, so it wasn’t that dramatic, but it was cute!  I quickly ran inside to grab my camera and *almost* got ran over in the process of snapping this image!  It was totally worth it though to see the {joy} radiating on Rachel’s face.  I entered this {joy} image into Photographer Obsessed this week and it was chosen as a feature image!  Check out all of the joyful images here!


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