Secret Location!



As a photographer, I’m always on the lookout to find new locations for my clients.  Of course, there are some well known locations here in Tampa that are just gorgeous – such as the University of Tampa.  However, it can be difficult to meet clients there and photograph them freely without other photographers getting in the way.  Well, today I found a new location and I wasn’t even looking for one!  It turns out I have been passing this beautiful tree lined road for about a year and have never even noticed it.  I happened to see it pass by and something about it made me make a quick U-Turn and drive onto it.  Swoon!  This is photographic heaven!  I snapped a pic with my iPhone, but of course that just wasn’t cutting it for me.  I came back the following morning with my assistant in tow.  Give her a tutu and some flowers any day and she is one happy little princess.  So if you would like to be photographed here, just let me know that you want the “secret location” and I’ll give you the secret directions!  But remember…shhhhhh!!


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