What To Wear

“Do you have any wardrobe suggestions?”  This is asked of me often!  So often that I have finally decided to put all of my suggestions into its very own blog post!

Here are some tips and tricks that might help with the sometimes stressful business of putting together a coordinating wardrobe for you and your family

1.  BE COMFORTABLE!  This is the number one tip I tell my clients.  No, this doesn’t mean to come to your session wearing yoga pants and flip flops… this means to make sure you feel great in whatever you choose.  If you feel like your dress may be to revealing on the top, you will probably spend half of your session looking down to make sure that your “ladies” are contained or even pulling up your dress just to make sure.  Make sure you can move around in your outfit without having to constantly alter it!  Make sure that when you look at yourself in the mirror, you feel like you can conquer the world in that outfit….or at least have no regrets about it when you see your final pictures.

Tampa Beach Photographer at Redington Beach Pier in St. Pete | Dana Nicole Photography | Tampa, FL

2.  COORDINATE – I like to pick a color palette that consists of two neutrals and a pop of color.  For example: white, khaki, and turquoise.  Obviously you don’t have to do this, but it helps when trying to have your outfits look cohesive with one another.   Pinterest is a   great resource that you can refer to when choosing a color palette.  Simply search for “what to wear to a photo session” and you’ll see thousands of ideas!

PLEASE do not show up in matching outfits!  The matching “white shirt and jeans” look was a thing of the past and I hope it stays there forever.  In fact, if I meet you at your session and everyone is wearing the same exact outfit, I might just run away!  Haha, no I won’t but I’ll definitely think about it.

 Tampa Family Photographer at Redington Beach Pier in St. Pete | Dana Nicole Photography | Tampa, FLFamily Session at Fred Howard Park in Tarpon Springs | Dana Nicole Photography | Tampa, FL

3.   ACCESORIZE:  Wearing accessories can definitely enhance an outfit.  Hats, scarves, floral crowns and  jewelry are all great accessories. This is also an easy way to complete your color palette.  Maybe your daughter is wearing a coral dress and to complement that, mom wears a coral necklace too.  Just make sure not to over accessorize!  You don’t want to look like a 90s wrapper who’s drowning in millions of gold chains on their neck!

This can also include your nails.  Maternity clients: I’m especially talking to you!  Chances are that I’ll photographing you putting your hands on your belly.  Please of please make sure you have clean nails (even polished!) during your session.  I promise, you won’t regret it!

What To Wear | Dana Nicole Photography

Her floral crown and his cute hat enhance their outfit

4. DON’T FORGET YOUR SHOES!  Shoes can actually make or break your outfit.  Obviously you don’t want to show up in a gorgeous dress and finish it off with some stinky sneakers.  If we’re shooting at the beach, you will probably want to have bare feet because we will be doing a lot of walking, twirling, and even splashing down by the shore. For park sessions, you might want to keep the stilettos at home because you’ll sink in the soft grass!  For those sessions, I suggest boots or wedges.  Any shoe with a higher heel will elongate your body and instantly make you appear thinner.  Yes, you read that right ladies!

What To Wear | Dana Nicole Photography

Your shoes will definitely be photographed, especially in pictures like this!

5.  BE MINDFUL OF YOUR SESSION LOCATION:  Are you shooting at the beach?  Then you might not want to wear jeans.  They really don’t match the environment.  Plus, we’ll most likely get a bit wet.  Have you ever worn wet jeans?  Yeah, that’s pretty much the worst!  Instead, think of a maxi dress (they look great on any body type!).  Are you shooting at the park?  Then you might want to stay away from wearing green.  You’ll blend in too much with the green grass and trees that surround you. Wear colors that will stand out from the background such as red.

What To Wear | Dana Nicole Photography

This pop of red is perfect against the green background

Family Photo Session at E&E Family Farm in Seffner | Dana Nicole Photography | Tampa, FL

The girls lacy dresses paired with some cute boots definitely match the rustic backdrop

Now that I’ve explained some wardrobe tips to take into consideration, I also need to explain what NEVER to take into consideration…


  • Match everyone in the same outfits! This is only cute for little kids  (See above- Coordinate)

  • Wear clothing with logos, graphics, etc.  Leave your “Tired As A Mother” t-shirt at home 🙂

  • Wear any neon colors.  Neon green, orange, and yellow belong on traffic signs and nowhere else.

  • Also, if you don’t want your bra straps showing, make sure that they aren’t.  Yes, I know how to Photoshop them out but no, I won’t spend my time doing it 😉


So, now that you know how to coordinate and accessorize, where can you purchase fashionable, tasteful clothes?

I’m glad you asked!  Below you will find some of my favorite places to shop for any budget!


Target (the one stop shop for everyone!)

Francescas (boutiques for women that can be found in any of the local malls.  They are almost always running a sale and have the cutest accessories too! )

H&M (cute inexpensive items for men, woman, and children)

Doll cake Oh So Girly (you can also find FB groups that offer these amazing dresses for resale, which are a lot cheaper!)

Tutu Dumonde (gorgeous dresses for girls, you can also find FB resale groups or eBay that sell these for a fraction of the price)

Nordstrom Rack

Free People

Gap Kids

Zuliliy (visit the kids section for great sales)

Etsy (you can find just about anything on etsy, plus you’ll be supporting small shops which is always a plus!)


Maternity Sessions:

Sew Trendy Fashion and Accessories

Fillyboo  (Boho inspired maternity)

Pink Blush Maternity

Tampa Maternity Photographer at Redington Beach Pier | Dana Nicole Photography | Tampa, FL

Maternity Photo Session at Cypress Point Park in Tampa | Dana Nicole Photography | Tampa, FL